SHORT NOTE: Validation of CFD models for tsunami simulation. TANDEM Project

Richard MARCER, Kevin PONS, Camille JOURNEAU, Frédéric GOLAY


Into the frame of the TANDEM project (Tsunamis in the Atlantic and the English ChaNnel: Definition of the Effects through numerical Modeling) a first step of the study aims for Principia to qualify different 3D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models for the simulation of tsunamis. The EOLE code solves a 3D bi-fluid flow on multi-structures meshes coupled with a free surface tracking VOF model, whereas the EOLENS code is based on an interface capturing method using unstructured meshes. This paper presents some simulations / measurements comparisons for academic test cases of wave propagation and run-up. On the whole, the results are satisfactory showing the high potential of both codes to simulate tsunamis impact.


Tsunami; CFD simulations; Validation.

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